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What is Screen Coin?

Screen Coin is a currency based system to help parents manage their children's screen time.  It is a fun system that promotes budgeting, communication, time management and quality family time.


We’ve been using Screen Coin for almost a month now, and my house has never been cleaner, my kids have never gotten along better and arguing over screen time is a thing of the past!


We're so happy with the results we've seen so far! I'm always hesitant to make a claim that a product has been life-changing, but in this case, it certainly has been!


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The System

The Screen Coin System consists of the coins, a tray and a fully customizable family contract. 

In addition to the coins and tray, we discovered that, in order for this plan to work, a contract between parents and children had to be created in order to get the kids to buy into the program. We talked about the contract, went over the rules and limits and everyone signed it.

It was very important that the kids had input on the contract along with us as their parents. It only took a few days for them to embrace the system and now, several months in, it is part of our routine.

The part that works well for parents is, once the contract is signed and the system is in place, Screen Coin removes the responsibility of “taking the screen away” from the parents and puts it on the signed contract. 

The program teaches kids how to budget their time (using the coins), negotiate, how to follow rules, how to be a part of the conversation about technology, and how to respect family values around screen time. It helps to increase communication between parents and children and helps parents open up more time to spend together.

Here is how the Screen System works.

Call a Family Meeting

Once you receive your Screen Coins its time to call a family meeting.  First, figure out what your values are around limiting screens.  Then sit down and talk with your kids about screen time limits and what you would like to see.

Create the Contract

This is the part where your kids get to have a say. Create the contract together by using our easy online form.  Here is where all the negotiating and rules are laid out.  When its done you'll instantly get emailed a PDF that you can print out and sign!   

Check in before screen time starts.

Talk to your kids about "checking in" before they start any screen time.  This gives the parents the ability to start a timer and talk about how many Screen Coins will be used.

Start the timer!

Make sure you talk to your kids about checking in before starting screen time.  So you can keep track and set a timer.

When a coin is used move it over!

Move each coin over from the left to the right side of the tray. This helps you to keep track of the coins that have been used.

When screen time is over go play!

This is the good stuff!  Once screen time is over, get outside, run, play, swim, ride, read, have your kids create!  Even better join them!

Benefits of the Screen Coin System

A visual reminder of time

You and your kids get to see just how much screen time is left.

Empower your kids to make choices

Using screen coins has been benificial allowing kids of learning when to use coins and when to save some for later.

Promote time away from screens

Limiting your kids screen time gives your kids more of a chance to get out and play!

Family communication

The Screen Coin System naturally promotes communication between you and your kids.

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We are Andy and Michele, a husband and wife team and the co-founders of Screen Coin LLC.  Andy is a Visual Effects Supervisor that has a background in Industrial Design.  Michele has a background in psychology and a Masters in Social Work.  We are excited to share Screen Coin with families who are looking for a solution to the problem of too much screen time.  We have two kids, Mia and Zach, two dogs, Poe and Riley, two cats, Ripley and Rebel, and Tinkerbell the tortoise.